How a small change can facilitate your day a day

We fill easy and homogeneuos way

Today I explain how a simple application, a water company in the province has improved its work process.

This company had a single channel to fill 2 tanks, with an screw conveyor centered on each tank. So, the product made the pylon at the same point, and it was never completely filled. Unless the operator manually distributed the sludge daily.

The customer tell the problem and their need to us:
"I needed a method to FILL THE DEPOSITS HOMOGENOUSLY, avoiding the loss of unproductive hours"

From Hupa we have designed two screw conveyors with 7 output registers each. These distribute the sludge evenly:

The 7 registers empty the product homogeneously into the tank. Furthermore, the screw conveyors have a thread reverser. In this way they distribute the sludge to the right or left of the tank according to the needs.

I with the security of a final tilting opening to avoid jams.

By this way our client has achieved:

                                    • Take advantage of the time of your operators in more productive tasks.
                                          • Do not have to watch that the screw conveyor is clogged.