Hammer mill for flour

New installation of a 10 CV flour mill


New installation of a 10 CV flour mill


10CV vertical mill for flour with a magnet box for the separation of particles, and with easy-to-remove sieve holders.

Automatic dosing feeder, with two product inputs to the mill.

Variable frequency drive to automatically regulate the optimal and uniform milling with the lowest possible consumption.

Electrical panel of the 10CV mill with automatic control of the feeding of the auger according to the consumption of the mill.

Includes electronic variator, ammeter, magneto-thermal protections, pilots, selectors and inverters.



> Mill with painted carbon steel body.

> Circular milling chamber, with bidirectional direction of rotation.

> A cylindrical sieve with a perforated sheet bottom, easy to remove.

> Rotor assembly with anti-wear material hammers.

> Safety mechanism for opening the door.

"It is not about doing extraordinary things,
it's doing extraordinary well done simple things."

 Molino de martillos vertical - HUPA

"Calibration is the key to good maintenance."
Discover it yourself, with this vídeo!

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