Do you have production stoppages due to breakdowns?
Is the machinery for your process the most suitable for your product?

In Hostalric company dedicated to the production and distribution of plants, teas and infusions, needed to change the aspiration system it had, since it clogged the filters, had unproductive stops, and did not reach the production targets.

He was running a process system that was not suitable for his product.

For this reason, we propose to change your production system, going from blower to mechanical.

Para acabar con las paradas de producción,  hemos diseñado, fabricado e  instalado:

                            • Height 6,5 m
                            • FDA Buckets
                            • Self-cleaning
                            • Geared Motor Certif.ATEX 
                            • Incorporates rotary controller
                    • Quick tanks for easy cleaning
                    • Geared Motor certif. ATEX
                    • Capacitative level detector

5 Reasons to choose a HUPA Bucket Elevators 

1. The time has come to make a change: Production and performance is a key element for the proper functioning of your company; We design to meet manufacturing goals.

2. We design for easy maintenance: Have you found yourself in this case? Is it a roll every time you have to grease? When you have to change the geared motor, do you feel linked to a brand? Find out about our elevator and you will see the advantages.

3. Save from the first moment: We incorporate highly energy efficient motors, and quality parts, for a long useful life.

4. Live Peace of Mind: Trouble-free, self-cleaning elevators, designed for the necessary production performance, with rotary controllers and belt diversion to avoid unproductive stops.

5. Trust with more than 60 years of experience: We started the first project in 1965 and since then we have participated in many installations and maintenance.

From HUPA we advise, design, manufacture and assemble machinery according to the needs of each customer

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