Design, manufacture and assembly of a Bucket Elevator for high temperature aluminum chips with a capacity of 5000kg/h

Know the characteristics of the elevator

We present the result of the project developed for a German multinational company dedicated to aluminum recycling.

The bucket elevator is used for vertical transportation of bulk materials. This has the peculiarity that it has to raise aluminum shavings at high temperature and its product input is adapted to the customer's needs.

                • Height: 9 m
                • Painted carbon steel.
                • Belt conveyor: Hi Heat for 180ºC resistance.
                • Stamped steel buckets  
                • Product to transport:  aluminium chips
                • Non-return system
  • Acces by stairs, upper landing, and turn detector. 
  • Inlet and outlet mouth.
  • Pipe for connection to the suction system. 
  • Rod of 500x400mm 
  • Reduction motion with reaction arm.


The buckets raise the collected material to the bottom, which is fed by a feeding belt. Once the bucket has reached the top of the elevator, it is emptied and by the centrifugal action itself, it causes the material to exit through the elevator's discharge mouth. In this way, the buckets, already empty, go down until they reach the foot of the elevator to be able to collect material again. The elevator includes a frequency variator to the feeding belt to regulate the product entry into the inlet mouth.

                          1. Anti return system

                          2. Suction pipe. 

                          3. Peephole register

                          4. Low level of residues at the foot elevator

                          5. Rotation control sensors

            6. Removable rods

            7.Stamped steel buckets

            8. Inlet mouth

            9. Inspection platform

           10. Capacity 5000kg/h


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