1. Ventilation Ridgepole at the roof
2. Ventilation by depression
3. Windows of polycarbonate
4. Chimney of polyethylene
5. Windows LPV
6. Windows motors
7. Computer
8. Windows controller
9. Temperature gage
10. Finned tube

1. Ventilation ridgepole at the roof

  • Inferior grille to protect
  • Possibility to customized manufacture
  • Completely open to ensure the correct ventilation
  • Manufactured 100% in stainless steel
  • Big capacity of extraction

2. Ventilation by depression

  • Interconexion: Opening motor and assembly kit. Alarm system with the possibility to emergency openings, refrigeration by high pressure, heating and management tool
  • Climatic control: by computer
  • Air entrance: entry fresh air to the farm by the walls or roof

3. Windows of polycarbonate

  • Galvanized mesh of stainless steel mesh
  • Rubber to ensure isolation 
  • Resistance to UVA rays and corrosive environment

4. Chimney of polyethylene

  • It can be for Roof of big length with possibility to arrive into the farm until the desire height
  • Adapt ball for 1% to 45% of roof slope

5. Windows LPV

  • Possibility to install translucid lids
  • Available anti-bird mesh
  • Isolated lid, which avoids the condensation
  • Reinforced lid inside which ensures the hermetic closing
  • Deflector, which direct the air to the ceiling

6. Windows motors

  • Two pulley shaft: of 500 Kg of 12 to 24 V.c.c or 900 Kg of 24 V.c.c
  • Yellow engine of 400 or 800 kgs

7. Climatic computer 

  • Lighting control
  • Alarm for water consumption
  • Cooling control
  • Heating control (environment or floor)
  • Control of temperature, humidity and ventilation depending on the age of the animals
  • Other features

8. Windows controller

  • Possibility of progressive temperature
  • Opening and closing for temperature
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Digital
  • For one or two motors

9. Temperature gage

  • Climatic gage connected with the ventilation and production system
  • Measures atmosphere air, the temperature, humidity and CO2 quantity
  • Detect climatic changes

10. Finned tube