Stainless steel drinking bowls, needed accessories, many types of nipples and HUPA nipple.

Stainless steel for drinking bowls.

  • Available models: HUPA7F i HUPA9

Necessary accessories for drinking bowls:

  • Flanges
  • Supports drinking bowl tube
  • Supports wall drinking bowl 
  • Stainless steel tubes : male-female , male-male , female in one side ...

Many types of nipples to choose: 

  • Picopata stainless steal Nipple
  • Nipple with thread 
  • Hexagonal nipple with valve on top
  • Sprinkler nipples
  • HUPA Nipple: thought and design to avoid water spills, easy to disassemble and assemble without Teflon. Available spares.
  • Among others...