Our HP-ELC bucket elevators are systems designed for lifting bulk products (cereals, fertilizers, fertilizers, minerals, etc.). These equipment offer great advantages for the transport of materials in small spaces, which need to be raised to great heights.

Types of bucket elevators according to needs:

                                              • Metal construction: painted steel, galvanized or stainless steel.
                                                                        • Hermetic to dust.
                                                • Self-cleaning construction, to avoid accumulation of product.
          • Depending on the application, it can be selected with a band of different resistances or chains, possibility of steel canguiles stamping, stainless steel or polyethylene according to characteristics of the product transport.
                                                • With motor-reducer adapted according to the application.
                                                              • Possibility of records with peephole.
                                                                • Adaptation to ATEX regulations.
  • The design and specifications of the final equipment will be the result of the evaluation of conditions given by the product and the needs of the customer.