Assistance to promote the proximity sale of agricultural products


EUR 1 million will be earmarked, co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, with support for the creation and development of short marketing chains and local markets for agri-food products, as stated in the call published in the DOGC. In the call of this year have also introduced important modifications that improve the conditions to receive any aid and expand its supply.

The beneficiaries of these grants may be natural and / or legal persons grouped together to develop a cooperation program for the promotion of short chains and local markets for agri-food products. This cooperation can be horizontal, in the case only between agents of the primary sector, or vertical if groups of agents of the sector of the restoration, tourism or consumption participate in addition to the agrarian products.

The following actions are sensitive for subsidy: study expenses for the elaboration of the cooperation agreement; Operating expenses (activities of animation, coordination and public relations, and expenses of constitution and operation: management, training social networks and personnel); Direct expenses (rental of the point of sale and feasibility studies); The promotion of marketed products; I only in the case of horizontal cooperation (between natural and legal agricultural producers), also the acquisition of new machinery and equipment, design and registration of collective marks, and acquisition of software.

Request Management
Applications may be managed through the DARP electronic headquarters at the end of July 25, 2017.

(Source: Resolución 1119/2017 del 18/5/2017 - DOG nº7377 del 25/5/2017 / Agric)